viernes, 28 de enero de 2011

Shopping for two

You like to dress casual, he always wears a tie. If your favorite color is blue and his pistachio green, possibly in plaids or stripes patterns, you may wish to get an image consultant. She can help you discover your strengths, colors and shapes that really suit you, in order to find your style as a couple. Would not it be fun to choose matching outfits at least on Valentine's Day?


Expected duration: 3-4 hours.
Session with a personal image consulting partner.
Glass of wine or champagne.
Time for shopping with a personal shopper, or specific ideas for when you want to go shopping alone.

Deadline for reservations: 2 days before
Pax: Minimum 2 people
Price: 173 € / couples.

NOTE: The price includes analysis of your tastes and styles, an expert advice by an image consultant and personal shopper, a snack in a romantic place and a list of stores where you will find what I feel byou are looking for. If you feel like shopping, one hour with the personal shopper is included in the offer.

Watch the video of the experience!

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