martes, 25 de enero de 2011

Tantric surprise

If you wish to surprise your partner, maybe we can help with a 45-minute introduction to tantric sexuality, only for the two of you. It will be held in the one and only Sensual Boutique in Spain, located in Palma.

The workshop, taught by a master of Tantra Yoga in a beautiful place designed to arouse passion, consists of a 30-minute theoretical part and a practical tool lasting 15 minutes. The teacher will tell you what exactly tantric sexuality is, what advantages and objectives it has, its differences with conventional sexuality, and then he will teach you how to use breathing for increasing pleasure and intimacy between partners. Will you dare?


Expected duration: 2 hours.
Tantric sexuality course of 45 minutes.
Visit of the Sensual Boutique.
Glass of wine or champagne.

Deadline for reservations: 2 days before
Pax: Minimum 2 people
Price: 99 € / couple.

NOTE: The price includes a 45-minute introduction to tantric sexuality by an expert in Tantra Yoga and Ayurveda and a visit to the only Sensual Boutique in Spain, a boutique that ladies will especially like.

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