viernes, 18 de marzo de 2011

Think Pink

There is nothing better than a glass of pink cava, the Spanish version of champagne, to drive negative thoughts away. The bubbles tickle the tongue and leave a fresh and vibrant taste, I mean look, in the eyes. Yes, it is impossible not to feel cheerful after tasting strawberries and pink cava! The Chinese are well aware of it: on their special occasions, they get crazy for pink bubbles, being “guilty" of making prices increase even in our country, due to the famous butterfly effect. Take this offer while it is available to everyone!

Mallorca Experience invites you to a 2-hour long "Pink Session" for yourself and the person you want to share it with. It is a refined taste of three different pink cavas and a wonderful pink sparkling wine with a fresh and crisp scent, accompanied by homemade chocolate truffles and “quelitas” covered with English strawberries and champagne marmelade.

You know that, among others, you will taste a cava called Luna (moon)?


Expected duration: 2 hours.
Tasting of three pink cavas and one pink sparkling wine.

Reservation deadline: 3 days before
Pax: Minimum 4 people, maximum 8
Price: € 49/ person

NOTE: The price includes the tasting, the home-made chocolate truffles, and the quelitas crackers with British strawberries and champagne marmelade, and good vibes.

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