jueves, 17 de febrero de 2011

Eco: organic wines

Slow. Breathe slowly, follow the rhythm of the music. Close your eyes. The aroma comes first. Then open them to recognize the nuances of color, the tear in the glass, the wine's body. Wait! Prepare your taste buds to distinguish the wood, the pineapple, the apricot, or maybe the pepper flavour.

We offer you a tasting of wines from Mallorca, all of them with an organic soul and Mediterranean personality. We will taste four styles of wine, one white, one pink, a young red and finally a "crianza" red, to discover their different characteristics with the help of our senses, and the presence of a great sommelier.


Expected duration: 2 hours
Wine tasting of four Mallorquin organic wines

Deadline for reservations: 3 days before
Pax: Minimum 4 people
Price: € 49
NOTE: The price includes a tasting of four organic wines produced in Mallorca and quelitas in between.

Watch the video of the experience!

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