lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011

Shopping & Wines

The "Shopping & Wines" experience combines in about three and a half hours time personalized image consulting, tips for shopping in some of the best and most hidden shops in Palma and relaxing moments for tasting a glass of wine or champagne together with a sommelier.

At the beginning of the session, your image consultant will find out your present style and preferences and see how clothes and accessories could further enhance your features and strengths. She will also suggest you colors, patterns and accessories for your wardrobe. Then you will visit some stores or boutiques, where, no purchase necessary, you can see and try out some clothes or accessories and get a clear idea of how to dress for an important occasion, to highlight your professional image or what style will make you look better. Buy what you want, or take notes for when you feel like shopping!

Finally, after the meeting, you can ask the expert for advice while sipping a glass of wine or champagne. And if you want, a sommelier will accompany you on the path of a true wine tasting: the color, brightness, edging, floral, fruit or ethereal aromas, taste ... you will enjoy your glass of wine or champagne with the five senses!

Important! If you want to bring along one or two friends, it will be even more fun and I will be 10% cheaper.


Expected duration: 3-4 hours.
Image Consulting.
Time for shopping with a personal shopper, or specific ideas for when you want to go shopping alone.
Professional tasting of a glass of wine or champagne.

Booking period: 2 days before
Pax: Minimum 1 person, maximum 3
Price: 129 € / person

5 € per experience will be donated to Baldea to help give Mallorcas' abandoned dogs a second chance.

NOTE: The price includes the analysis of your preferences and style, an expert advice on personal image, a stroll through shops and boutiques for all pockets with a personal shopper. There you will find what suits you best. If you feel like shopping, an hour with the personal shopper is included in the offer. After shopping, 30 minutes are devoted to a professional tasting of a glass of wine or champagne performed by a sommelier.

Watch the video of the experience!

And the video of a related experience: a wine tasting.

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